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Carpenny Wistful


Carpenny Wistful at Hawksmoor

I feel so fortunate to have had Wistful in my life.  I cannot thank Kate Perry [Hawksmoor] for giving me the opportunity to have such a wonderful Labrador.  And a heartful thank you to Penny Carpanini [Carpenny] for breeding her.  Wistful was very bright, always thinking and planning, and was the “Queen of Everything.”  She captured my heart the first time I met her at Kate’s at 22 months old.  Wistful did well in the show ring, capturing the eyes of prominent breeder judges.  She produced 3 lovely litters, and more than anything, was my constant companion and soulmate.  We are definitely kindred spirits.  She will always live in my heart. 

Hawksmoor Webster  x  SH CH Carpenny Rustina


Carpenny Wistful

LRCP 2001 18 months