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Our main and foremost objective in breeding Labrador Retrievers is to improve the breed and keep show and breeding prospects for ourselves first.  We carefully choose who we feel is the best sire for our girls.  We look for and only breed to sires with proper and complimentary Labrador type, a sound temperament, and health clearances going several generations back. When we have boys, choose to breed them to approved girls with health clearances and select pedigrees.  From each litter, we choose the puppies with the most promise that may be best suited to our breeding program as well as being competitive in the show ring.  We look for the best dogs to compliment our lines based on type, temperament and soundness, as well as maintaining working and retrieving ability. 

Each litter is hand raised in our home in the living quarters, where they are handled and played with often, and are exposed to typical household noise, activities, people, cats, children (grandchildren in our case) and our family of Labradors.  By doing this, puppies become well socialized and confident, and instant members of the human community making for the best pets.  All of our litters are given early neurostimulation from 3-16 days old.  By doing this puppies develop a strong immune system, greater stress tolerance and tend to learn more quickly than if not subjected to this special exercise. You can read more about this at:  Breeding Better Dogs

Our puppies start weaning between 3-4 weeks, usually when the dam determines that they are ready for solid food.  Before going home, each puppy receives its first veterinary checkup and first vaccines along with its own health record, fecal check, and is wormed several times.  We provide an information packet including pedigree, sire’s and dam’s health clearances, photos of their generation of Labradors, and helpful articles on training, feeding, information on Labradors in general, and a small amount of food to start them off. We also generally provide a little “blankie” of the dam’s and littermates’ smells to ease their transition away from their canine family.  

Our website is for the viewer's information only and our puppies are NOT SOLD ONLINE or without an in-depth conversation or meeting first to determine suitability. Therefore, we require that you contact us by phone to come meet us and our canine family, and so we may interview you to determine if you and one of our puppies are suited to each other. In addition, we will together determine whether or not we can work together to provide a successful transition for the puppy from our home to yours. If we agree to sell you a puppy, our interest does not end with the sale, but extends through the entire life of the puppy and dog. On occasion, we might have an older puppy or young adult available to the right home, and the above criteria apply to them also. We require that you agree to terms of our contract for the sale of any puppy or dog, regarding its care, environment, safety, and health.  We are as much dedicated to giving our puppies the best life possible as we are with our children and family.  We want to be sure our puppy will live out its life in a happy and safe home, as you should also be as conscientious of the breeder of your puppy.  

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All puppies are sold as pets on an AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION.

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We require an interview and a $300   deposit to hold your puppy.

We have 2 litters planned for fall  2018 with Libby and Rumor.  The litter will be all black litters Contact us for more information. 


Fall 2018 Litter



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